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Women’s Attitude Style Dresses

Answer us this: What item of clothing is smart enough for a big meeting at work, casual enough for a glass or two in the cafe with your other half and stylish enough for a movie night with your ever-critical friend? Why, a dress of course! Our Attitude Style range is perfectly chosen by our team to dress for all occasions

Twirl around in summer

When the sun comes back, us Brits can’t help but get hyper about the weather. No more skinny black jeans, no more heavy Parka’s, no more hats! If you want to dive into the summer season  (whatever time of year it is) then our swing dresses are springy enough to blossom your face.

Holiday Fever

The long waited holiday’s are finally at the doorstep. You have everything from glasses to towels packed. But missing that awesome playsuit or a short cotton floral dress. Because we plan all year round, we have you covered.

We’ve got dresses for every occasion. What’s more, our collection comprises mini, midi and maxi lengths to complement all shapes and sizes.

For your days and them weekend frenzies, we have dresses for all times.